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Sometime previous to starting the PABX 3 project I had already acquired quite a few relay sets and a bank of line finder uniselectors, then a ringer rack became available which I purchased from another THG member.  Good fortune struck once again, with the opportunity to purchase a PABX 3 rack complete with shelfs and relays for 50 extensions  along with another rack for the ringer and other misc relay sets, which I went to fetch in Feb 2016.  I decided that I would keep a record here of my progress with the rebuild.

11th Feb 2016:  I bolted together the frame of the larger rack and gave it a good clean before giving it a first coat of light straw paint.

12th Feb 2016:   Second coat of paint applied.  I also found a rack ID plate from a UAX14 that I gave two coats of paint, quick dried on the AGA, and I ordered a vinyl letter label ‘PABX 3’.

16th FEB 2016:  Today we bolted the shelfs on the rack and loaded them up with relay sets.  Not having anything to really follow it was a bit hit and miss where they went, I assumed that the finals went at the top and the 1st group Selectors underneath, having worked out the height I realised that I had to mount the groups two rows down.  At the bottom of the rack I mounted the shelf that held the cord circuits and the exchange line relay sets.  There were three cord circuit relay sets and five exchange line relay sets, I was able to make this up to four and six respectively from my stock. I realised that the line circuits are part of the second rack which I was hoping not to use as I wanted to use my exsisiting ringer rack which is narrower.  Whilst going through the relay sets I found the foot plate ID’s so I did need not have done the one I did, ‘that’s life’.

10th May 2016:  I am concious that I have not done anything with the PABX 3 rack for three months, so I looked have sat down and given had a go at wire wrapping some of the wires onto the rack to quicken the process, I started to make a complete mess of it so have stopped to rethink my plan.

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